To proud to ask! A hidden problem

It’s been a while since I was actively involved in politics and campaigning but that’s about to change.  In this messed up world one group of people I think get a rotten deal and missed out by the caring agencies and that’s men!  In particular middle aged family men who have all their life kept down a decent job…maybe been very successful…got married and have a family.  At some point they hit the buffers.  A redundancy or a business going bust …add a dash stress… maybe some alcohol to escape by and an ill judged fling and you are a step away from a park bench or worse.  Suicides amongst men are all too common.  The number of men who end up broke, sleeping on a friends sofa and their families torn apart are a vast number but hidden behind society.  I’m not claiming anything special but I’ve for sure experienced success and failure.   So I’ve decided to do something and set up a charity designed to help when often the guy is too proud to ask.  The working title is ManKind because its about men being kind to other men.   More soon.