Bah humbug!

I love Christmas… I really do… BUT!

I often spend time hanging out in a local café. Working from home a lot sounds amazing but is as boring as watching paint drying in my view! I miss the company of people and the stimulation of an office. Try as they do my two Lucas terriers don’t make up for it so I take my laptop and phone to what’s know by my wife as my ‘Garden office’ as it’s in a local garden centre.

For the last three weeks – yep three weeks – the café has slowly been taken over by Christmas. Today is the final stray will live (all be it potted) Christmas trees on sale. Santa begins a daily gig starting next week to entertain the kids.

No…no….no…. it’s just wrong isn’t it! Christmas surely has to be held off for December doesn’t it… at least last week of November …perhaps kicking off November 25th for a solid month! But not now!

It’s enough to force me into another warm mince pie…. errr!… well some things can preview Christmas can’t they!